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Valentine's Day Snacks

The Tower at Spring Creek, Garland, TX  Valentine's Day has become a day filled with sugary sweet treats. We've got a few treats for you to try.

Welcome back to The Tower at Spring Creek Blog! February 14th is Valentine’s Day, which has become a day filled with sugary sweet treats. We’ve got a few treats for you to try that you can easily make in your Garland, TX apartment.


Raspberry Mini Churros with White Chocolate from Raspberri Cupcakes

Use real raspberries to make these mini churros and then dip them in melted white chocolate for a seriously sweet treat. Here is everything you will need: fresh or frozen raspberries, icing sugar, unsalted butter, flour, salt, eggs, vegetable oil, white chocolate, and milk.


Sweetheart Cherry Pies from Cake Student

These heart-shaped hand pies are sure to please. These pies are filled with fresh cherries and ricotta cheese. Ingredients include pie dough, chopped fresh cherries, ricotta cheese, sugar, and melted butter.


Homemade Valentine’s Day Gumdrops from Melissa’s Cuisine

Make your own gumdrops by following this recipe. You will need sugar, unsweetened applesauce, strawberry jello, unflavored gelatin, and lemon juice. These gummies taste amazing and are completely free of any of the preservatives that you might find in store bought gummies.


Rainbow Sweetheart Shortbread from Diamonds for Dessert

These colored shortbread cookies are slightly sweet and taste just how shortbread should! Here are all the ingredients you will need to make them: flour, cornstarch, salt, baking powder, baking soda, butter, sugar, eggs, fat free milk, and food coloring.


Strawberry Nutella Poptarts from The Novice Chef

These homemade toaster pastries are super easy to make and include a heart-shape sliced strawberry in the center. Ingredients include water, egg yolk, refrigerated pie crust, Nutella, strawberry jelly, sliced strawberries, and granulated sugar.


What are your favorite sweet treats to enjoy around Valentine’s Day? Share them with everyone in our apartment community by leaving them in the comments below this post. Thanks for visiting our blog and check back soon for new content!