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Unique Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

Two little girls share a delicious holiday drink together as family.

Have you planned out your schedule for the month? We here at The Tower at Spring Creek Blog are bringing you a few unique ideas for things you can do to make this month a success. Who knows, maybe a few of these might just become a new holiday tradition for you and your family here in Garland, TX!

Have a Book Exchange

For any readers out there in our apartment community, December is a perfect time to host a book exchange between loved ones. Ask everyone coming over to bring a copy of a favorite book they read that year, and then have them all share a brief synopsis of it. When everyone has had a turn to share, swap books until everyone has a new book to read that looks intriguing or interesting to them.

Order Takeout

Are you still exhausted from preparing your Thanksgiving feast? This month, rather than spending the time and energy preparing another big meal, why not order takeout from your favorite Chinese restaurant? Treat yourself to your favorite dishes, and allow yourself to splurge on all the sides you love but usually don’t order so you can save a few bucks. This idea might just become a holiday favorite because it is simple, hassle-free, and delicious!

Get New Pajamas

If you haven’t jumped on the “new pajamas in December” train yet, then this season is the perfect time to start. Gift the gift of comfort and good sleep to everyone you’ll be spending the holidays with by presenting them with a new pair of pajamas! Some people decide to get everyone matching pajamas, while others pick out a unique pair for each individual.


How will you spend your holidays and the rest of the month? Share your response with our apartment community in the comments below! Thanks for reading!