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Parks to Visit in Garland


The Tower at Spring Creek, Garland, TX Springtime is the perfect time to be outdoors! Visit one of these local parks here in Garland, TX this month.

Get outside this month and take advantage of the beautiful spring weather outside here in Garland, TX! The Tower at Spring Creek Blog is highlighting a few local parks in the area for you to visit. Read on to find out a little about each park, what facilities they have, and how far away they are from our apartment community.


Garland has 63 park areas comprising more than 2,800 acres for sports, recreation, and fitness activities. Garland’s parks also include numerous recreation, aquatics, and sports facilities for more organized recreation activities. Garland’s natural areas and trails provide opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of Garland. Take advantage of Garland’s parks, natural areas, and recreation facilities to become more active and healthy and get closer to family and friends.


Bisby Park (2.3 miles away)

Bisby Park is a smaller neighborhood park located at 3114 Pinewood Drive in Garland. The park includes a playground area, an all-purpose court, a backstop area for playing baseball, and benches located throughout the park.


Coomer Park (3.1 miles away)

Coomer Park is another neighborhood park located in Garland at 534 Apollo Road. The park includes natural shaded areas, picnic tables, a playground area, and a half-mile paved trail.


Bradfield Park (4.8 miles away)

Bradfield park is located at 1220 Castle Drive in Garland. At this park, you will find an all-purpose court, baseball complex, picnic tables and grills, a playground structure, lighted tennis courts, and restrooms.


Montgomery Park (5.1 miles away)

Montgomery Park is located at 2905 Edgewood Drive in Garland. The park’s features include a picnic shelter, picnic tables, a playground, soccer  field and goals, and a 0.33 mile paved trail.


Central Park (5.4 miles away)

Located on West Avenue F, this park is situated in the very heart of Garland. Features of the park include an all-purpose court, baseball complex, football field, picnic tables, grills, a swing set, sand volleyball courts, lighted tennis courts, and drinking fountains.


Do you have a favorite park in the area? Let us know by leaving a comment on this post. Thanks for reading!