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Indoor Tanning Tips


The Tower at Spring Creek, Garland, TX  A private indoor tanning facility is one of our many amenities available at our apartment community.

Here at The Tower at Spring Creek, we offer several great amenities that are available to all the residents of our Garland, TX apartment community. One of these great amenities is our private indoor tanning facility. In today’s post, we’re sharing a few indoor tanning tips for those who may be new to the idea.


Know your skin type.

Different skin types react differently to the sun and tanning beds. No one setting or length of time in the tanning bed is perfect for everyone, so come to the tanning beds with an idea of how easily you burn or tan in mind so you can make the proper adjustments. WikiHow has helpful information for determining skin type and other tips in their guide to indoor tanning.


Shower beforehand.

As with most things, starting with a clean slate is a smart idea for getting a clean, fresh, beautiful look. Take a shower and exfoliate the dead skin from your body. This enables you to get an even, clean tan, and it lets it last longer, too.



After cleaning your skin and tanning, keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Use a quality moisturizer after cleaning to keep the skin follicles clear. Avoid scented lotions, soaps, or even deodorant before getting in the tanning bed, as these can act as irritants that add to the work and heat from the bulbs, causing rashes or other discomforts. And don’t shower immediately after your tanning session! Use a quality tanning lotion to help your tan set in.


Protect your eyes.

We also recommend that you wear goggles while using our tanning bed. Going without goggles can cause permanent damage to your eyes. Leaf shared some great points in an article about the consequences of not wearing goggles while in a tanning bed.


What is your favorite thing about our private indoor tanning facility? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading our post.